Tip 1: What are some of the advantages of a dual-career household? Some of the advantages of a dual-career household include greater financial stability and a chance for both partners to pursue career fulfillment.

Tip 2: What do post-assignments consist of for expats?  Post-assignments for expats deal with return on investment and knowledge transfer, staff availability, the multinational enterprise's response to repatriate concerns, social factors that affect re-entry and work adjustment too.

Tip 3: Why does culture have such a big impact on Human Resource Management practices? Culture has a big impact on Human Resource Management practices because cultures are not confined to given territories. Deep connections between people are increasing internationally. There are global economy co-ordination, harmonization of laws and regulations, migration. Entire society workforces are aging. Also, the new generation is fast with distinct work-life balance preferences.

Human Resource Management





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As regards our Human Resource Management services, there are trends that are now re-shaping the future of Human Resource Management. Presently, there are about six great forces of transformation re-shaping businesses. These six forces include demographic shifts, shifts in global economic power, accelerating urbanization, climate change & resource scarcity, technological breakthroughs and new viruses or pandemics. With these new trends, talent management meets the science of human behavior. Scientific insights and analytics will provide the human resource (HR) with new tools to drive workforce performance. The human resource (HR) will also play a critical role in enabling companies to adapt to changing business conditions. More companies are also facilitating remote  work for employees, as a way to deal with crisis management. HR will evolve from a stand alone function to one that spans disciplines and boundaries to deliver cross-functional, holistic employee experiences. The Human Resource also drives the Agile Organization.

Here at GHG GLOBAL POWERHOUSE, Ms. Gaspard (HR Consultant), will show employers how to adapt their HR practices to multicultural and cross-cultural environments. Ms. Gaspard will help employers to understand global Human Resource Management issues. Employers will understand the emerging field of International Human Resource Management, the good practices to identify solutions to potential problem areas and the likely consequences if these are not addressed. Employers will better understand International Human Resource Management, Human Resource Development policies and practices at the multinational level and to better address issues around performance management, appraisals, training and development. With Ms. Gaspard's 21st century HRM training and knowledge, she can help you to become an employer of choice, help you to increase workforce competence & commitment and help you to achieve a profitable & sustainable organization. Ms. Gaspard has extensive training and knowledge in these special HR areas/topics that include Human Resource Planning, Talent Acquisition, Talent Development, Performance Management, Compensation & Benefits, Career Management, Industrial Relations, Knowledge Management, Global Leadership Development, Managing Diversity & Equality, Employee Motivation & Happiness At Work, Healthy Work-Life Balance for Individuals and Dual-Career Couples, Workplace Ergonomics, Designing & Implementing Employee Wellness Programs that Benefit The Entire Organization, Creating Effective Employee Assistance Programs, Application of HRM Policies and Procedures, Corporate Image Management, Strategic International Human Resource Management for Expats and Multinational Companies, Establishing & Maintaining Effective Working Relationships among Staff, Agile Organizational Designs (for staff), for Sustained Business Profitability, Organizing & Managing Remote Work that Benefit  Employees & The Entire Organization. Our business GHG GLOBAL POWERHOUSE will soon be offering special HR software to help small, medium and large businesses. Email us at info@globalspecialtysourcett.com for more info.

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