Welcome to the serene beauty of Cape Royale on Lake Livingston in Texas, USA. This corner lot is located in the scenic section of Pine Harbour and totals 6,965 square feet/0.16 acres, priced at $12,500 US. This is a great opportunity for anyone looking for a peaceful, relaxing place to call home, and this lot is far cheaper than same size lots in Texas. Cape Royale is a lovely sanctuary and prestigious lakefront subdivision, with a number of luxurious amenities such as a golf course, country club, community swimming pool, tennis courts, basketball court, parks, children's playground, a nature walk and more! The 24 hour manned entrance gate provides peace of mind, whether you are looking to build your full time residence, or weekend getaway. This lot is just a short distance away from Cape Royale marina, where you can launch your boat and enjoy a fun day on the lake. Enjoy this piece of paradise now. Just 10 minutes north of Coldspring, it is still convenient for grocery shopping, dining and schools. It is also ideal for retirees. Email us now at info@globalspecialtysourcett.com to purchase this land. Don't miss out on this great opportunity. Snap it up quickly before it is sold!

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  4. Corporate Wellness Consultation for Companies.
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Tip 1: Married with children? Wondering how to find balance as a dual-career couple? Couples have to learn to overcome challenges, by having developed systems, that optimize their time and energy as a unit. Remember to make time for your family and every day, tell your family members how much you love them too. Your family is very important!

Tip 2: What are the advantages of business agility for HR? With agility, there is continuous learning and multi-skilled flexible people. With agile structures, you usually have stable self-organizing Teams,and also shared Leadership.

Tip 3: For a company, what are the benefits of having Employees that are comfortable and happy? From various studies done, it was found that "Happy Employees" are more engaged, creative and productive. On the negative side, stress and sickness of employees, cost Employers a huge amount of money, which results in lost time and productivity.


The Perfect Lot For Your Texas Family Home

Human Resource Management

Fantastic Real Estate Opportunity in Cape Royale, Texas, USA



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We provide great value for money and turn strangers into lifetime customers. Have stubborn health problems? Need guidance and help to start your own small business? Struggling to achieve your goals? Need help in finding the perfect business opportunity or need help to find a great high-paying and satisfying job? Want to make your dreams come true? Let us help you to further your own career, goals and brands. You can contact us directly to find out more about our consultation and our affordable fees. You can also visit our affiliated website at https://www.scandinavianinvestmentnetwork.com/?ref=SC8643M9LQ, for funding for projects in Technology, Medical & Sciences, Real Estate, Food & Beverage, Hospitality, Retail and Energy. You can also find lucrative investment opportunities here.

As regards our Human Resource Management services, there are trends that are now re-shaping the future of Human Resource Management. Presently, there are about six great forces of transformation re-shaping businesses. These six forces include demographic shifts, shifts in global economic power, accelerating urbanization, climate change & resource scarcity, technological breakthroughs and new viruses or pandemics. With these new trends, talent management meets the science of human behavior. Scientific insights and analytics will provide the human resource (HR) with new tools to drive workforce performance. The human resource (HR) will also play a critical role in enabling companies to adapt to changing business conditions. More companies are also facilitating remote  work for employees, as a way to deal with crisis management. HR will evolve from a stand alone function to one that spans disciplines and boundaries to deliver cross-functional, holistic employee experiences. The Human Resource also drives the Agile Organization.

Here at GHG GLOBAL POWERHOUSE, Ms. Gaspard (HR Consultant), will show employers how to adapt their HR practices to multicultural and cross-cultural environments. Ms. Gaspard will help employers to understand global Human Resource Management issues. Employers will understand the emerging field of International Human Resource Management, the good practices to identify solutions to potential problem areas and the likely consequences if these are not addressed. Employers will better understand International Human Resource Management, Human Resource Development policies and practices at the multinational level and to better address issues around performance management, appraisals, training and development. With Ms. Gaspard's 21st century HRM training and knowledge, she can help you to become an employer of choice, help you to increase workforce competence & commitment and help you to achieve a profitable & sustainable organization.

Ms. Gaspard has extensive training and knowledge in these special HR areas/topics that include Human Resource Planning, Talent Acquisition, Talent Development, Performance Management, Compensation & Benefits, Career Management, Industrial Relations, Knowledge Management, Global Leadership Development, Managing Diversity & Equality, Employee Motivation & Happiness At Work, Healthy Work-Life Balance for Individuals and Dual-Career Couples, Workplace Ergonomics, Designing & Implementing Employee Wellness Programs that Benefit The Entire Organization, Creating Effective Employee Assistance Programs, Application of HRM Policies and Procedures, Corporate Image Management, Strategic International Human Resource Management for Expats and Multinational Companies, Establishing & Maintaining Effective Working Relationships among Staff, Agile Organizational Designs (for staff), for Sustained Business Profitability, Organizing & Managing Remote Work that Benefit  Employees & The Entire Organization. Our business GHG GLOBAL POWERHOUSE will soon be offering special HR software to help small, medium and large businesses. Email us at info@globalspecialtysourcett.com for more info.

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