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Be a part of our exciting 'Fan Box Gallery,' by first liking us on Facebook at Get the latest news and updates from us. Make sure to follow us on Twitter at Also, please remember to follow us on Instagram at  As our fan, you will be eligible for a special discount on your purchase from time to time. As our fan, you will also be the first to be notified about our new product offerings. Send us the best photos of yourself, after using our products (especially our makeup products). Send us your best birthday photos, wedding photos, anniversary photos, friendly meet-up photos, prize-winning photos, graduation photos, vacation photos, carnival photos, thanksgiving photos, retirement photos, new job promotion photos or stay-at-home photos with our products. We welcome people from all walks of life, from different countries, from different races and of different ages. If you would like to be featured on our website, email us and let us know. We also welcome the elderly here (even women from 60 years and over). The elderly are special and beautiful too.

Your photos will be placed in a lovely photo gallery on our website. To be a part of our exciting  'Fan Box Gallery,' all persons should be 18 years and over. Please email us at to get more info. Send us your name, email address and birthday to apply. Send us your beautiful photos now with your testimonials, after using our products. You can also send us your question, for any beauty or health challenge, that you may be having. Are you in Trinidad & Tobago? Refer 3 people to our websites and get a free'Super Lash' mascara. Refer 7 people to our websites and get a free 'Purple Paradise' eyeshadow kit. Refer 12 people to our websites, and get a free 'Purple Paradise' eyeshadow kit and 'Classic Matte' lipstick (vixen shade). Refer 21 people to our websites, and get one of our lovely 'Magnificent 7' eyeshadow kits, a 'Brilliant' lipstick (perfection shade), 'Daily Refresh Lavender Cleanser' (organic skincare), and a lovely handmade jewellery set in Trinidad & Tobago national colors (free).  Please note, you can also purchase our special branded products (new) at The opportunities are endless! Thanks for being part of our 'Fan Box Gallery.'

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