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A new interactive online magazine will be introduced soon. It provides a fun way for you to advertise your business with us. It is also a powerful tool to position your business. It is easy to use, works well with all browsers and has the power of social media, store front, social networking and comment feeds. It provides eye-catching designs/themes with seasonal image adjustments. It is very responsive as it works on any smart device. Downloadable company brochures and pdf files are available here.  It has advanced video, audio, photo stream options and features. It also has search engine optimization (S.E.O.) for great business visibility.

In our interactive online magazine, you will find our helpful beauty tips and tutorials for professional women. You will also find lots of unique jewellery designs from Gillian Gaspard. Also, look out for articles on best wedding makeup, aging gracefully, work styles, best hair styling tools, top nail products, beauty dream jobs and lots more.


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